Listen to what professionals are saying:

"As an artist having this technology is a dream come true. My goal is to always have my audience hear my music on a deeper level, so I am thrilled about AstoundSound™"

Robin Thicke,

Recording Artist Interscope Records

"This new technology will go a long way with anyone who has a true musician's ear. The all-encompassing sound of AstoundSound allows for the elements of a track to breathe properly and for them to be heard the way they are meant to be heard."

Paul Oakenfold,

Musician/DJ Perfecto Records

"This is pretty amazing technology. With only 2 speakers (or headphones) the audio field is dramatically expanded. It makes a pan pot go to "11"! I'm very impressed that it doesn't make music sound gimmicky like surround does - it just opens up the palette for placement. When available, the Pro-tools plug-in will rock. Once you compare a mix with, and then without, it's almost like going back to mono. This could also really benefit home theater users who don't want to deal with rear speaker placement and wires. Wow."

Steve Plunkett,

Producer/Engineer Music, TV and Film

"It is awesome. Truly awesome. I could hear true 3D (or as you call it 4D) sound. It was very cool."

Larry Weintraub,

CEO, Owner, Co-Founder Fanscape, Inc.

"I was amazed by the first audio demo I heard. AstoundSound significantly extends the sound field beyond the traditional stereo mix. The audio recording was so true-to-life that it actually sounds 'real'."

Steve Lillywhite,

Producer U2's "Beautiful Day"

"Having had a few listens I am really impressed with the width the system can generate and unlike most of these processors I don't get a headache with all the phase cancellations."

Donal Hodgson,

Producer/Engineer Sting, Tina Turner

"AstoundSound is a very interesting product. It makes mixes seem like they have more depth and creates much more of a 3-D imaging-type feel as well. I look forward to seeing what it can do for my mixes."

Dan the Automator,

Producer Gorillaz

"You have begun an audio revolution, and started what I believe will be a new era in professional audio production---truly coherent, multi-dimensional audio reproduction. It is truly the most amazing 4D technology I have ever heard. I am sure it will become the industry gold standard."

Niel Dorfsman,

Producer/Engineer/Mixer Grammy Award Winner

"AstoundSound will change the world of audio forever, it's amazing, no more panning "left or right" you can actually position the track in 3-D space, giving the producer total control over the audio, that's power!"

Tolga Katas,

Founder EN2GO

"AstoundSound is the most effective, natural sounding four-dimensional audio positioning processor. It's ability to process audio at very high sample rates produces stunning results especially when coupled with the very high quality DSD program here at the Super Audio Center."

Gus Skinas,

President Super Audio Center LLC

"This technology will change the way we experience film, video, video games and music. I believe it can be applied creatively in live environments as well. As an advocate of surround sound for film, music and broadcast, I am excited about what your technology has to offer to the entire industry..."

Sean Richardson,

Manager of Audio Operations Starz! Entertainment

Reviews from the media

"It really does create an illusion of depth that I'd not heard before - Certain sounds appear nearer to you than others.

Jon L. Jacobi, PCWorld. September 3, 2010.

"We have a 5.1 surround sound system in our media room and we could definitely hear some very clear and distinct surround sound effects . . . the Hellboy II audio effects were awesome."

Rainy Day Magazine

"The demo I heard was, well, astounding. First, I listened to a clip on headphones and found myself turning around to see if someone had closed a door behind me while helicopters flew convincingly overhead. Next, I listened to Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' on two speakers, switching between conventional and processed 2-channel versions. The difference was striking ... I'm very impressed with this technology, and I look forward to hearing it grow."

Electronic Musician Magazine

"This is perfection brought to your doorstep. I wholeheartedly recommend listening to anything that GenAudio remixes in the future. They are the future of music and sound mixing."

Anderson Vision

"Think of when you finally arrive at a graphic equalizer setting that's perfect for a certain song, and how it simply sounds "better." Now, imagine that effect increased ten-fold and applied to all of your system's audio, and that's the AstoundSound Expander."


"When we tested this product, we actually ducked because we thought an airplane was flying overhead... turns out it was just the crazy-good sound quality of the demo."

Draft Magazine

"GenAudio's AstoundSound Expander software is truly a great piece of software to behold." "After listening to AstoundSound's demo on the CES show floor, I REALLY wanted to replicate that experience on the Val-cave's laptop, because that was just crazy! The one minute demo they had on the show floor was so scary that I wasn't sure if what I was hearing was through the headphones or happening right next to me."

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