AstoundSound provides advanced 3D audio solutions for your products

Based on years of MRI neuro-audio research and numerical analysis, GenAudio has created a highly accurate and true to life 3D audio digital filter technology called AstoundSound®. The filters that make up AstoundSound are quite different from typical HRTFs (Head-Related Transfer Functions): these new filters model how the human brain perceives sound spatially as opposed to HRTFs that only model the anatomy of the ear. As a result, we call our proprietary filters BRTFs (Brain-Related Transfer Functions.)

The AstoundStound technology is now available to the Gaming and Consumer Electronic product spaces. If you want to gain an advantage over your competition, and enable greater sales, then integrate with AstoundSound. AstoundSound will give your Gaming or CE products an unbelievably true-to-life 3D audio capability. It will make it so real, it's like being there.

AstoundSound for Gaming
AstoundSound for the Gaming Audio Industry

With AstoundSound, gaming audio can immerse players like never before. This cutting-edge technology provides games the ability to control sound movement in real-time, providing a realistic 3D sound field by placing and moving sounds all around the listener, in all three dimensions.

By augmenting real-time audio engines, as a plugin or library, sound effects, voices, and environmental sounds will naturally move and be heard with respect to player controls during game play. Gamers will not only see the action on the screen, but they'll hear it in a full 360-degree, 3D soundscape for the most immersive gaming experience ever.

GenAudio, Inc. introduces three new 3D spatialization plugins for game audio engines including Audiokinetic Wwise, Firelight technologies FMOD, and Microsoft XAudio2 (in addition to custom integration into proprietary audio engines). The plugins can work individually however, game developers can use the plugins strategically on certain game sound elements creating an even greater overall experience. The three AstoundSound 3D audio spatializers are:

  • AstoundSound® 3D RTI: mono to stereo 3D audio processor. AstoundSound 3D Real-Time Interface (RTI) Plugin is a member of the AstoundSound product-line that transforms any discrete mono audio input into a highly accurate spherical audio experience, using only a two-channel output. The AstoundSound 3D RTI Plugin uses the XYZ position of any sound emitter in game and in realtime produces a spherical sound-field. This enables users of any game utilizing the plugin to be able to experience an immersive, 360° sound experience, bringing unprecedented 3D audio (including elevation and distance perception) to mainstream gaming, enabling players to experience game sound like never before.
  • AstoundSound® FoldDown: multi-channel to stereo fold-down processor. AstoundSurround FoldDown allows the gaming audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology within a multi-channel mix. Multi-channel audio can be down-mixed to 2-channel, while preserving each channel's spatial location. This makes headphone or stereo environments a true surround sound experience.
  • AstoundSound® Expander: stereo expansion and enhancement processor. The AstoundSound Expander is also a plugin derived from the general AstoundSound DSP technology. Expander works by literally expanding the stereo signal by virtually placing the left and right stereo sound sources (speakers). This provides the listener with an enhanced super-wide stereo effect out of any two channel output. The AstoundSound Expander is superior to other stereo widening algorithms in the market today because it does not rely on phase manipulation to achieve expansion, thereby creating a richer and more pleasing sound, and allows for an enhanced stereo experience over any set of stereo headphones or speakers (i.e. great for games on mobile devices since they are typically limited to stereo output).
Key features of AstoundSound for Gaming Spatializers
  • Precision 3D audio spatialization using XYZ coordinates of game sound objects
  • Allows gamers to experience unprecedented 3D spatial audio using any stereo output during gameplay
  • Easy integration into game audio engines using a plugin architecture
  • Scalable for different gaming platforms, from mobile, consoles, to high-end gaming PCs
  • Flexible business model: B2B licensing available as a per title, per platform license or as a B2C In-App Purchase upgrade direct to consumers

AstoundSound for Gaming
AstoundSound for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Now the unbelievable effects of true-to-life 3D audio can be integrated into your CE products. This cutting-edge technology will give your CE products the advantage you have been looking for. AstoundSound Technology has been enabled for several Analog Devices DSP families, including SHARC and SigmaDSP. For your BlueTooth enabled devices, AstoundSound has been enabled for the BlueCore5 Multimedia CSR platform. Headphones, speaker bars, car audio head units, mobile devices... the sky is the limit. Let AstoundSound provide an immersive 3D soundscape for the most realistic audio experience, giving your CE products the market advantage they deserve.

  • The next dimension in virtual stereo: AstoundSound Expander. AstoundSound Expander uses 3D audio technology for enhanced stereo expansion. Expander is ideal for embedded consumer electronic applications where great breadth and depth of the audio is needed. This effect will change normal stereo into a fuller, richer sound that wraps the listener.
  • The next dimension in virtual surround sound: AstoundSurround FoldDown. AstoundSurround FoldDown uses 3D audio technology to fold down multi-channel content to a lower channel count, while faithfully preserving the effect of the original content. The technology preserves each channel's spatial location, then down-mixes the channels to the needed output count. This makes headphone listening a true surround sound experience. This enables 7.1 content to be output to a 5.1 system, while perfectly preserving rear channel spatial location. The same is true of 5.1 content output to a 2-channel or 3-channel system. In an era where listener environments are constrained and consumers are looking for less complex audio setups, the AstoundSurround FoldDown provides the right solution.

AstoundSound is the technology that enables listeners to perceive sounds within a complete spherical soundscape. AstoundSound accurately spatializes sounds all around the listener, from 0 to 359 degrees of azimuth, and uses advanced room simulation techniques providing distance cues. But one of the key elements of AstoundSound is that it can spatialize sounds above and below the listener, from -90 to +90 degrees of elevation.

The AstoundSound software requires no special equipment. The technology is embedded within your Gaming or CE products, providing an amazing, true-to-life sound experience for your customers. AstoundSound 3D audio can be experienced over headphones, stereo speakers, and multi-channel systems. Full 3D audio spatialization of gaming sound effects is indescribable over headphones. Music and movies are breathed new life with an unbelievably wide sound stage over stereo speakers. Higher multi-channel content can be faithfully reproduced in a lower channel count system - 7.1 content produced on a 5.1 system, and 7.1 or 5.1 content produced on a 2-channel system (speakers or headphones).

AstoundSound is a highly optimized collection of advanced DSP C/C++ software. It is built as a libraries for Windows, Mac OS/iOS, and Android systems. It is also available in several plug-in formats, such as Wwise and FMOD. AstoundSound is also integrated into several DSP chip platforms for consumer electronics integration, such as ADI, CSR and TI.

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