Meet the Board of Directors of
the GenAudio® Corporation

Jerry Mahabub

Jerry Mahabub,

Mr. Mahabub founded GenAudio in 2003 and is the inventor of the core technology, AstoundSound® with over 20 years of continuous R&D as of present. His activities include strategic planning of the business and technical direction, intellectual property, capital formation, business development, and license negotiations. Mr. Mahabub is owner of Astound Studios, a studio facility designed to support the AstoundSound technology.

Prior to founding GenAudio, he was owner and Executive Manager of Rapid Prototype Technologies, LLC from 1998 to 2003, where he designed and developed new and innovative technologies for a large variety of government contracts and mainstream commercial markets. His responsibilities there included design engineering, business development, technology commercialization, and licensing. In addition, Mr. Mahabub was often asked to assess technologies for investment firms and assist with IP based independent valuation analysis. Mr. Mahabub has negotiated many world-wide licensing deals, channel partnerships and strategic alliances with multiple divisions of Hewlett Packard and many other companies in an effort to create marketable, state of the art, disruptive and cost-effective products, and has also consulted for both hardware and software engineering projects. Prior to his position at Rapid Prototype Technologies, Mr. Mahabub was Director of Engineering at Ines Inc./SPYR Technologies Inc. from 1995 to 1998, where he established that company as a GSA/8A provider for government contracts. The work involved research and analysis of market trends for commercialization efforts, competition and market analysis, product marketing strategy, print and digital advertisements, ISO 9001 compliance, and negotiation of several government contracts in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Government Procurement Policies for numerous branches of the armed forces. A cursory list of entities for which he has designed, developed and/or transferred, including through licensing, technologies are SAIC, Miltope, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Motorola, Siemens, Philips, Boeing, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the US Naval Warfare Center, Quantico, the US Army Missile Research and Development Engineering Center (MRDEC), TMDE, and many others.

Mr. Mahabub started attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY doing coursework and lab work from the age of 13 and entering as a full time student at the age of 16. In 1988, at 16, he was hired to work part-time at a Superconducting Research Laboratory while attending RPI full-time and also worked, from the age of 13, in Dr. Charles P. Bean and Ivar Gaiver's lab, a Nobel Prize winner. He was the youngest to be accepted into the special school for entrepreneurship at RPI. He double-majored in Physics and Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering - ECSE with a Minor in Philosophy and Symbolic Logic.

Phillip Rodriguez

Craig Moody,
Board Member

In 25 years of executive leadership, Mr. Moody has served as President, COO and CEO, for various companies, as well as working with private equity and venture capital firms to review, assess and restructure portfolio holdings companies. He has operated in corporate, start-up and turnaround companies in the United States and Europe, consistently identifying trends and opportunities at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment. Mr. Moody's portfolio of success includes being former President & COO for Warner New Media/Time Warner Interactive, where he oversaw 5 groups at TWi, Atari Coin Arcade, Video and Computer games, and on-line and interactive TV. Mr. Moody also serves on the boards of 24h Technologies AB, Stockholm, Sweden, (ethnic streaming video distributor), WiFog AB (mobile video advertising network), J.E. Moody and Company ($380+ million futures hedge fund), and West Hawaii Property Services (Hawaii's Big Island's largest residential property management company). Mr. Moody graduated from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

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The home of AstoundSound®
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GenAudio based in Englewood, Colorado has developed AstoundSound®, a 4D sound localization cue technology intended for professional and consumer software and hardware product integration. This immense 360-degree spherical sound field experience is changing how people everywhere listen to audio, with a variety of products for consumers and professional audio engineers.

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Interested in AstoundSound® for audio professionals?

  • The next dimension in 3D gaming audio: AstoundSound RTI. AstoundSound Real-Time Interface (RTI) allows the professional gaming developer or gaming audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology within a game authoring environment. The RTI can be wrapped into a plug-in or called as a library. The RTI enables mulitple sound objects to simultaneously come to life, when their 3D positional information is passed to an RTI instance.
    AstoundSound Real-Time Interface for Gaming
  • The next dimension in virtual stereo: AstoundSound Expander. AstoundSound Expander allows the professional audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology for enhanced stereo expansion effect. Expander can be wrapped into a plug-in or called as a library. This makes Expander ideal for embedded consumer electronic applications, music stems for gaming, as well as professional music, broadcast and theatrical mixes.
    AstoundSound Expander for Enhanced Stereo Expansion
  • The next dimension in virtual surround sound: AstoundSurround. AstoundSurround allows the professional audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology within a multi-channel mix. Multi-channel audio can be down-mixed to 2-channel, while preserving the each channel's spatial location. This makes headphone listening a true surround sound experience. Rear or side channels can be down-mixed and output to more than two channels. This enables 7.1 content to be output to a 5.1 system, while perfectly preserving rear channel spatial location. The same is true of 5.1 content output to a 2-channel or 3-channel system.
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