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GenAudio based in Englewood, Colorado has developed AstoundSound®, a 3D sound localization cue technology intended for professional and consumer software and hardware product integration. This immense 360-degree spherical sound field experience is changing how people everywhere listen to audio, with a variety of products for consumers and professional audio engineers.

(Use headphones to achieve an optimum 4D listening experience.)

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Interested in AstoundSound® for audio professionals?

  • The next dimension in 3D gaming audio: AstoundSound RTI. AstoundSound Real-Time Interface (RTI) allows the professional gaming developer or gaming audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology within a game authoring environment. The RTI can be wrapped into a plug-in or called as a library. The RTI enables mulitple sound objects to simultaneously come to life, when their 3D positional information is passed to an RTI instance.
    AstoundSound Real-Time Interface for Gaming
  • The next dimension in virtual stereo: AstoundSound Expander. AstoundSound Expander allows the professional audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology for enhanced stereo expansion effect. Expander can be wrapped into a plug-in or called as a library. This makes Expander ideal for embedded consumer electronic applications, music stems for gaming, as well as professional music, broadcast and theatrical mixes.
    AstoundSound Expander for Enhanced Stereo Expansion
  • The next dimension in virtual surround sound: AstoundSurround. AstoundSurround allows the professional audio engineer the ability to integrate GenAudio's unique 3D audio technology within a multi-channel mix. Multi-channel audio can be down-mixed to 2-channel, while preserving the each channel's spatial location. This makes headphone listening a true surround sound experience. Rear or side channels can be down-mixed and output to more than two channels. This enables 7.1 content to be output to a 5.1 system, while perfectly preserving rear channel spatial location. The same is true of 5.1 content output to a 2-channel or 3-channel system.
    AstoundSurround Home Page

Headquartered in Colorado, GenAudio Inc. continues to be at the forefront of 3D audio solutions. AstoundSound is the technology that enables listeners to perceive sounds within a complete spherical soundscape. AstoundSound accurately spatializes sounds all around the listener, from 0 to 359 degrees of azimuth, and uses advanced room simulation techniques providing distance cues. But one of the key elements of AstoundSound is that it can spatialize sounds above and below the listeners, from -90 to +90 degrees of elevation.

GenAudio created AstoundSound as a software solution. No special equipment is required, and the technology is compatible with all presentation formats. AstoundSound 3D audio can be heard and perceived from as few as two speakers, but is also compatible with multi-channel systems. Full 3D audio spatialization in gaming brings a true-to-life experience over headphones. Music is breathed new life with an unbelievably wide sound stage over stereo speakers. Movies go beyond surround sound with the addition of elevation cues over a multi-channel system. Even higher multi-channel content can be faithfully reproduced in a lower channel count system, like 7.1 content being heard the way it was produced, over a 5.1 system.

The engineers of GenAudio have created AstoundSound as a highly optimized collection of advanced DSP C/C++ software. It is built as a library for Windows, Mac OS/iOS, Linux and Android systems. It is also wrapped for several plug-in formats, such as RTAS and Wwise. But most importantly, AstoundSound has been integrated into several DSP chip platforms, making consumer electronic integration a reality.

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